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Student Services Team

The Student Services Team is available across the College region to support your educational success. The Student Services Team consists of the Educational Advisors, First Nations Access Coordinators, Accessibility Services Coordinators and Learning Assistance Specialists.

For more information on their roles, refer to the individual team member descriptions below.

Educational Advisors

Educational Advisors provide students with up-todate information on College services, policies, procedures, facilities, programs and courses and how to access sources for financial aid. Educational Advisors have knowledge of all College programs, programs and courses at other educational institutions, and are trained to assist students with developing educational plans.

Educational Advisors are located at Smithers, Prince Rupert, Kitimat, Hazelton, and Terrace campuses with outreach to Houston campus. Click here to contact an Educational Advisor.

NWCC endeavours to provide students with the most current and accurate educational advice available; however, because of the dynamic and complex nature of post-secondary education in BC, we urge all students who are seeking transfer to other institutions to always verify the advice we offer them with the receiving institution.

Learning Assistance Specialists

Learning Assistance Specialists work from the Learning Centre. The Learning Centre provides Student Success courses, assessments and assistance for students experiencing learning difficulties.

Learning Assistance Specialists are located at Smithers, Prince Rupert and Terrace campuses with outreach to Houston, Hazelton and Kitimat campuses. Click here to contact a Learning Assistance Specialist.

First Nations Student Access Coordinators

First Nations Access Coordinators support First Nations students with personal and educational matters. They assist First Nations students in their transition to the College, and often act as a liaison between the College and First Nations Band Education Coordinators. They also work with the NWCC community to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for First Nations students.

First Nations Access Coordinators are located at Hazelton, Terrace, Smithers, Houston and Prince Rupert Campuses. Students at other campuses are welcome to contact the Coordinators by e-mail or phone or campus visits. Click here to contact an First Nations Student Access Coordinator.

Accessibility Services Coordinators

A range of services and/or equipment is available that enable students with disabilities to pursue their education. If you require these kinds of supports please contact the Accessibility Services Coordinator at least eight weeks before the start of classes.

  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Accommodation for students with Physical Disabilities
  • Student Assistants
  • Study Accommodations
  • Physical Accessibility
  • Orientation & Pre-Registration Assistance

Accessibility Services are offered at all campuses. Coordinator offices are located in Terrace, Smithers and Prince Rupert. Click here to contact an Accessibility Services Coordinator.

Student Services

Student Services are available for students from the time they show an interest in NWCC until the time they complete their studies at the College. These services are available through the Student Support Team described above.

Educational Advising

Visiting the Educational Advisor is the first step in becoming a NWCC student. Potential students interested in applying to the College are strongly encouraged to contact their local campus to make an appointment to speak with an Educational Advisor.

NWCC endeavours to provide students with the most current and accurate educational advice available; however, because of the dynamic and complex nature of post-secondary education in BC, we urge all students who are seeking transfer to other institutions to always verify the advice we offer them with the receiving institution.

Access for First Nations Students

First Nations students who want to access College programs or services are strongly encouraged to visit a First Nations Access Coordinator. The goal of these services is to provide a successful transition to NWCC, create a welcoming environment, and provide support at all points along a student's educational journey.

Student Success and Learning Assistance

NWCC provides a number of ways a student can access support to ensure a successful and rewarding educational experience. Learning Assistance Specialists assess learning difficulties and provide helpful strategies that lessen their effects as a barrier to a student's success. Free Student Success courses are conducted at most campuses throughout the year. Students experiencing learning difficulties, for whatever reason, are encouraged to contact a Learning Assistance Specialist or any member of the Student Services Team.

Assessment and Application

Students without documentation of formal English and/or math prerequisites may do an entry assessment to find out if they are ready to begin their studies. Students who aren't yet ready will be helped to upgrade their skills.

First Support Checks

NWCC faculty, staff, and members of the Student Services Team monitor student performance and may offer assistance to those who seem to be struggling, missing classes or progressing more slowly than expected. Support checks are meant to provide students with the best possible chance of success in their studies. Students can get help with money, academic, and personal problems that may be affecting their studies.

Subsequent Support Checks

College faculty and staff as well as members of the Student Services Team will continue to monitor student performance throughout the college term.

Early Alert Retention & Student Success

EARSS is a referral system that was created to help identify students that are potentially at risk for not being successful in their course/program.   NWCC staff, faculty and administrators can use EARSS to refer a student experiencing crisis or requiring additional support and trust that follow up will be made with that student. 

The referral will be received by the Student Development department who will begin their work with the student. The referring person will be provided with some follow up regarding the referral. No confidential information will be shared, but it is important that the person making the referral know that contact has been made. Please complete the EARSS referral form.


Services for Students' with Disabilities

Various services are available for students with physical and learning disabilities. Students with an identified disability are encouraged to visit the Accessibility Services Coordinator before or during the application process to provide adequate time to access all appropriate services.

Some of the services available at NWCC are:


At Terrace Campus male/female dorms are equipped for students with physical disabilities. In all other College communities, Educational Advisors can advice on accommodation options.


A wide range of equipment is available for students with disabilities. Equipment which can be borrowed include keyguards, therapeutic chairs, back support cushions, touch talker computer, brailler, MPrint, amplified headphones,TV decoder, unicorn membrane board, variable speed four track recorder, FM listening device, talking calculator and a Porta Cap. The Ministry has made available the Adult Services Program initiative that has also expanded NWCC's ability to further address the needs of students with disabilities (i.e. equipment and services.)

Student Assistants

Student Assistants can be hired to provide help to students with disabilities in a number of ways. Examples of assistance include mobility assistance, tutoring, library research, note-taking and typing.

Orientation and Pre-registration Assistance

Individualized orientation sessions and pre-registration assistance are available for students with disabilities.

Physical Accessibility

The College is working toward improving the level of physical accessibility at each of its locations. Each campus has designated parking spaces for students with disabilities and washrooms are equipped with grab bars.

Program Support

Support items include exam adaptions (oral, taped, extended time, etc.), NCR paper (noncarbon required paper), tapes/tape recorders, photocopy pass for lectures notes, talking books, interpreters, mobility assistance and tutors.