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The School of Northwest Culinary Arts

Northwest Community College is currently the only public post-secondary institution in BC offering a two-year Culinary Arts program. The first-year Culinary Arts Certificate and the second-year Culinary Arts Diploma are starting points from which students can begin their career in the food service industry and work as Apprentices toward Journeyman status.

From the first day of class students are fully integrated into the operations of the Campus Cafeteria. They practice skills and classroom theory in the fast-paced environment of a working industrial kitchen, preparing and serving meals to students, staff and community patrons. Each level of the program contains a work practicum that provides students with work experience and networking opportunities.

 —Professional Cook Apprenticeship Level 1 & Level 2
Successful completion of both Professional Cook Apprenticeship Level 1 and Professional Cook Apprenticeship Level 2 earns a NWCC Professional Cook Certificate, and marks the starting point of your career in the food service industry. In one year, the practice-based certificate program gives you the skills and knowledge required for employment as an apprentice cook or entrance into the Professional Cook Diploma program.

Professional Cook Apprenticeship Level 3 students complete the final six weeks of apprenticeship technical training and are prepared to write the Inter-Provincial (Red Seal) examination. Successful exam results, combined with practical and work-based hours can result in Inter-provincial Red Seal certification. For more information about Inter-Provincial Standard Endorsement (Red Seal) visit

For more information about apprenticeships in British Columbia visit the Industry Training Authority at