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Financial Aid

Other Fees

Materials and Lab Fees

A materials or lab fee is added to the assessment for some courses and programs to reflect course delivery costs. These fees vary from $12.38 to $33.78 per week for trades programs and $14.36 per credit for laboratory courses.

Additional Mandatory Student Fees

  • Infrastructure: $.55 per credit or $.53 per week in weekly billed programs.
  • Technology: $3.67 per credit or $3.44 per week in weekly billed programs.
  • Student Association: $30.78 per semester flat fee.
  • Canadian Federation of Students (CFS): $8.64 per semester flat fee.
  • Registration: $1.84 per credit or per week in weekly billed programs.

Other Fees

  • Deposits (Refundable): Residence $200.00 (Key & Damage Deposit)
  • Residence Application fee: non refundable $25.00
  • Tool Deposit: $250.00 (trades apprenticeship programs)
  • Textbooks, Supplies: Vary by program. Please see fee section of program on College Web site for current estimated costs.
  • Official Transcripts: $5.00 for each official transcript. May be ordered on line via the College Web site or in person at any college campus.
  • Prior Learning Assessment: Credits granted by Prior Learning Assessment are assessed at 50% of course tuition fees.
  • Audit: Students wishing to audit a course are required to pay 100% of tuition and program fees.
  • Senior Citizens (age 65 and over): Senior citizens are eligible for tuition-free enrolment in many NWCC courses. This exemption does not apply to any charges for materials, books or supplies that other students in the course are required to pay. Further information may be obtained at any
    College campus.