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Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment

Northwest Community College recognizes that knowledge and skills are acquired through a variety of learning, life and work experiences. Opportunities for flexible assessment and recognition of the knowledge and skills gained through prior learning will be offered to learners wishing to acquire credit in a course or program at NWCC. Flexible assessment may be used to enhance an individual’s access to education and training and accelerate his or her progress towards a desired credential or other goals.

Students admitted to NWCC may request formal recognition for prior learning through one or more of the processes following. The discipline/program will determine which of these processes is appropriate.

Evidence may be generated from:

  • Written challenge examinations or course examinations
  • Oral assessment or interview
  • Performance tests. Demonstrations in laboratory (simulation/role play)
  • Standardized tests
  • Projects/assignments
  • Portfolio Assessment

Evidence for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) must demonstrate English language competencies at the level required for students enrolled in the course/program.

Each program reserves the right to specify that at least some courses be taken within a program of studies.

Credits earned through PLA will be recorded as such on the student’s transcripts.